Yes, I know. A Zendesk blog that uses a static FAQ instead of Zendesk Guide goes against all logic. But then again, Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end of it.

Zendesk Authentication

We refer a lot to authenticating to the Zendesk API. You can find more info about this in the following Zendesk Support article:

How can I authenticate API requests?
QuestionHow can I authenticate API requests using one of Zendesk v2 APIs?AnswerYou must be a verified user to make API requests. To authenticate API requests, you can use basic authentication wi…

Cloudflare Workers

Some of the automations we build contain example code for Cloudflare Workers. You can use Google Cloud Functions, AWS Lamba or Azure Cloud Functions if that's your cup of tea. I prefer Cloudflare cause it's cheap (or free), doesn't have a lot of overhead and Zendesk already uses Cloudflare for caching it so it makes conversations with my customers easier.

But since Workers run Javascript, you can easily migrate to other platforms! If you decide to fork one of my code examples to other players, feel free to create a pull request to add the code to the example repo!

Cloudflare Workers documentation · Cloudflare Workers docs
Cloudflare Workers provides a serverless execution environment that allows you to create entirely new applications or augment existing ones without …
Introduction to Cloudflare Workers
Cloudflare Workers is a serverless application platform that enables you to create and deploy functions to Cloudflare’s Edge Network. Unlike other serverless providers that only have regional data centers, Cloudflare’s Edge Network consists of hundreds of servers all over the world. Cloudflare Wor…