Zendesk Guide Feedback

Overview of suggestions, feedback and Wishlist for Zendesk Guide

Zendesk Guide Feedback
If you work on these products and want more direct feedback or customer references, feel free to contact me!

Forms and Fields

  • Add Headings to split long forms
  • Radio buttons
  • URL type field (clickable for agents)
  • Filter on Attachment types
  • Publicly facing Lookup Fields
  • Hide Form in Select Form Dropdown (Direct Link only)
  • Push dropdown options to Explore to create groupings and filters before they’re used in tickets.


  • Section/Category creation: upload icon/image option to reference in custom themes
  • Asset library that spans Guide to easily update an image across multiple articles (e.g. login screen or logo)
  • Cross brand articles that are available in more than one FAQ
  • Articles in more than one section (multi-placement)
  • Multiple segments applied to an article
  • Metadata field on articles to add notes, todo's,.

Content Management

  • Allow for opting out of Federated Search admin settings status emails
  • Opt-out of “Articles ready for review” emails.
  • Webhook Events for Review/Approved articles
  • Allow for DNS Validation for Federated Search instead of html inject


  • Dark Mode for Copenhagen
  • oAuth or API Token secrets to proxy API calls when creating custom pages/integrations (ZIS?)
  • Allow customizing the Zendesk widget when it’s automatically embedded via Admin Panel
  • Allow for Custom Pages without the <header> component

End Users

  • Allow users to edit custom fields on My Requests page
  • Automatically sign in Zendesk Messaging when logged into Guide as an end user
  • Allow users to (un)link their social channels to their profiles (so that Messaging conversations are automatically linked to profile)
  • Allow Lookup Fields to be made available to end-users

Knowledge Capture

  • Give links from KC the same rich experience as Answer Bot links in emails/triggers
  • When adding an article from KC, add a summary or extract

Content Blocks

Content Blocks

  • GET articles/{{id}}.json --> the Content Block is hardcoded part of the HTML returned
    POST articles/{{id}}.json --> you can't embed a content block
  • A div class="content-block"><div> around content blocks so we can remove them when exporting via a regex check
    OR a way to define and find content blocks {{contentblock-identifier}} which will always show the latest version of the Content Block
  • API call to create, update, delete content blocks


A customer has setup a Help Center with Articles and Content Blocks in Sandbox

When exporting the articles via api we get an article.json with the content block as html inline in the article. And no wrapper around the content block (e.g.  <div class="content_block">..</div> to easily delete them via Regex

Similar, when uploading the articles in the other environment we lose the concept of content blocks.

And we can't clone the content blocks over.

Few scenarios:

  • We do a migration from one instance to another. All content blocks are hardcoded in the html and can't (easily) be identified so are present in the new environment in badly formatted layout
  • A customer that has all articles in one section and we clone those to other sections (think: hotelchain with multiple locations) so that people looking at a Hotel Section see all articles for that hotel
  • A multi brand customer who has two help centers and we migrate articles from the main one to a white labeled other one for a sub brand.
  • Customers want a backup with accurate content instead to copy to sandbox for validation/testing


I can understand the injection of content blocks for e.g. APIs that pull in API data to show the data elsewhere (e.g. search integrations)

But for the use cases, the ability to have the "naked" article with Content Blocks as references instead of code are easier to handle/migrate/clone

That being said, an API to update Content blocks would be useful too. E.g. marketing updating the content of Sales CTA Content blocs from Hubspot to Guide.

Guide Metadata or Notes


We need a way to add notes or comments to the Admin side of a Guide article to make knowledge management easier.

How would this work?

  1. A content editor opens an article in Guide
  2. He sees the regular text editor and a new textarea on the right
  3. He can edit/update these notes ir review them while updating the article

Example Scenarios

  • A customer has a complex article with troubleshooting steps. They want to document the owner of that process next to the article so that if questions arise the person writing the article knows how to reach out to the right person
  • An article is referenced in a few important external resources. We want to have these links readily available so that if we update the article we can always check if they are inline with the other content
  • An article explains a specific use case and we want to (internally) document the reasoning behind it. Might be because the article explains a problem in a “nicer” way than true underlying technical restrictions,..
  • An article has a bad section we need to improve someday. We want to note down suggestions on improving the article for the next time the article comes up for review.

References in other tools


Page & Post Notes
Simple plugin that allow you to notes on pages and posts

Zendesk Internal Note

Agents in Zendesk have internal notes to log notes that end-users shouldn’t see.

Similarly, Guide Admins need internal notes to log article notes that readers shouldn’t see.

Google Docs

Google Doc has a comments feature to informally make notes or comments on the document without changing the document


Notes could show up as a text string.

// Status 200 OK
 	"article": {
		"author_id": 3465,
		"comments_disabled": true,
		"id": 37486578,
		"notes": "This is a note on the article"