Zendesk Messaging Feedback

Overview of suggestions, feedback and Wishlist for Zendesk Messaging

Zendesk Messaging Feedback
If you work on these products and want more direct feedback or customer references, feel free to contact me!


  • Link authenticated Messaging users email to existing profile
  • Make Messaging conversations available as comments in Side Conversations
  • Show Messaging Conversations in Shared Tickets

Flow Builder

  • Separate Flow Builder flows per locale
  • Skip Flow Builder Steps
  • Collapse Tree in overview to have better overviews of structure (or have a vertical list of the structure similar to H1,H2,.. in Google Docs)
  • Exclude words from Auto Translation (Aircall >> Luchtbel)
  • Reusable Blocks to use in multiple steps: link to other intern at end of a flow.
  • Make Federated Search content available
  • Turn API results in parseable arrays and carousels if multiple objects are returned
  • Conditional Step: if the details are a dropdown field, make values selectable in a dropdown
  • Allow for more than 5 options in conditional flow. (Customer with 10 venues)
  • Use parameters from API call in Images and Buttons of return messages
  • Make pre-filled fields read-only
  • Hide pre-filled fields

Proactive Messaging

When using the Custom Launcher for Messaging, proactive messages are not supported!

Rules and Conditions

One item I would love is to get access to a users' logged-in state to trigger different messages. This would make the VIP flow above a lot nicer, or would prevent us from annoying logged in customers, while still targeting visitors.

Alternatively, rules would benefit nicely from allowing regex matches for more complex parsing and the ability to read localStorage cookies to have more nuanced triggers.


One omission I find curious is the complete lack of any API or developer toolkits for this.

I would love to be able to trigger a proactive message or intent client side via e.g. zE('messenger:proactive', 'message', 'type:intent','tag')

Simlarly, a way to create, update, (dis)able or delete proactive messages via API would make it possible for tools like Hubspot to schedule and deploy campaigns automatically.

Similarly, I'd love to be able to schedule messages. E.g. launch our proactive campaign next monday.


While exploring flows for this article one of the ideas I had was to create a few Proactive Messages tagged with distinct tags (e.g. apple, pear, orange).

My idea was to combine those tags with the new Conditional Step in Flow Builder to automatically select the right path based on the assigned tag.

Sadly, Tags are only applied once a conversation starts, so there is no way for pro-active messages to filter intents.

Answer Bot

  • Answer Bot ignores language set by the classic widget.
  • Filter Answer Bot in email on Category (possible via Widget)
  • Expose Federated Search content in Answer Bot
  • Filter email results by category or section instead of only labels