Zendesk Suggestions and Feedback

An overview of feedback and suggestions for Zendesk products

Zendesk Suggestions and Feedback

A small list of annoyances and missing features

If you work on these products and want more direct feedback or customer references, feel free to contact me!

Last update: 3/5/2023

Zendesk Support

Side Conversations

  • Create Follow Up tickets for Side Conversation replies on closed tickets
  • Retain side conversations after ticket merge.
  • Turn an existing ticket into child ticket and make it show up as a side conversation.
  • Access macros in a side conversation.
  • Make Side Conversation attachments available to the ticket comment editor.
  • Create and view Side Conversations in the iOS App.
  • Allow setting recipients for Side Conversations in triggers based on custom field value or followers.
  • Why can’t I converse with a Sell user via Side Conversations?
  • Allow for DM or @mentions in Slack Side Conversations
  • Copy comments from side conversations to tickets


  • Use Follower as a parameter in Views. E.g. current user is a follower.
  • Allow agent to disable email alerts
  • Unfollow ticket link in ticket footer
  • Allow to set ticket followers based on lookup field values


  • Allow Light Agents to fill in Custom Fields (e.g. Finance can set a ticket as approved)
  • Expose/Show Identities from SunCo in Agent Workspace
  • Granular levels for API tokens: eg. generate an API token that only has read rights, or can only access /views


  • When updating bulk tickets from same form: hide irrelevant custom fields.
  • When an environment has multiple forms and those are all deleted and replaced with one form, all existing tickets show the old form fields and have no way to switch to the new form (no dropdown)


  • Email Template per brand
  • Cross HC/Brands Answer Bot Suggestions (article multiplacement?)
  • Restrict Agent ticket access per brand


  • Remove Classic Facebook Private Messages and Twitter DM

Triggers and Automations

  • A way to trigger based on User, Org change (similar to Zendesk Event Webhooks)
  • A way for triggers to update user and organisations fields
  • Allow the side conversation action to use a custom field value as the to: address
  • A way for triggers and automations to have another trigger as its input
  • Highlight triggers with errors in a separate view or filter
  • Prevent deletion of ticket fields referenced in triggers similar to how they do now for conditional fields
  • Run automations on a rougher timeframe (x days, month, weeks) instead of calculating based on hours each time
  • Have a way for an automation to run once per object that doesn't require the "add and check for tag" hack
  • Allow triggers to remove followers
  • Run automations based on timestamps in custom fields

SLA Policies

  • Allow Custom Status as an element for Group Policies to differentiate between owned vs escalated tickets
  • Sort views on first SLA that will be breached, from both regular and group SLA policies
  • Allow Group Policies for external escalations via Side Conversations, Slack, Teams or Child Tickets (or Jira App)

Agent Home (Beta)

  • Allow to create filters on intents and store them as quick links in the sidebar
  • Allow developers to create new widgets to be shown in the sidebar (Google Calendar? Asana? Message Board? Weather?
  • Show a colleagues dashboard so I can quickly see workload of my team members as a teamleader.
  • Show my requested tickets, show side conversations I'm a part of as filters below the existing Cc'd and Follower views.

Zendesk Chat and Messaging

Zendesk Messaging Feedback
Overview of suggestions, feedback and Wishlist for Zendesk Messaging

Zendesk Guide

Zendesk Guide Feedback
Overview of suggestions, feedback and Wishlist for Zendesk Guide

Zendesk Sunshine

Custom Objects EAP Feedback
Below is a list of feature request and remarks for the Custom Objects EAP.


  • API Tokens with permission levels. E.g. only GET access
  • Allow for oAuth Admin access
  • Chat - Availability
  • Set Agent status via API

Support Apps via ZAT

  • Open Side Conversation Tab
  • Create Side Conversation (comment/attachment)
  • client.request
    allow base64 objects uploads (add attachment to ticket)
  • routeTo() for sidebar apps

Feature Availability

  • Create an api/v2/availability endpoint that lists feature availability for an instance.
  • What license type are we talking too?
  • One form or multiple? Side Conversations? Followers? Multiple schedules? On Hold Status? Are Custom Objects enabled?
  • Prevents a lot of 404 or other errors while developing or (re)using integrations and Marketplace apps.

Profiles and Identities

  • Make Custom Profiles and Identities show up in user profile of an end-user
  • Push email of authenticated Messaging users to their profile


  • Allow event deletion
  • Allow images/thumbnails
  • Allow for coloured tags
  • Link event against organisation
  • Allow editing events


  • Guide Events
    It might be useful to have Events for article updated separate from article published, so we can only notify upon creation, or handle updates differently.
  • Guide Events
    Article submitted for review, approved, e.g. might be useful to automate editorial flows.
  • CSAT Given on articles


Mobile App

  • Bulk edit custom fields
  • Change fields shown on top of ticket (add one or two custom fields)
  • Multiple Zendesk instances
  • Multi Window (or tabbed tickets)
  • Marketplace Apps
  • Rich Text // HTML View
  • Drag and drop attachments/photos
  • Side Conversations
  • Messaging Conversations
  • Dark Mode
  • Sort views by group
  • Bulk apply macros
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Knowledge Base Suggestions

Messaging Widget and SDK

  • Extensive API similar to options available for Classic Widget
  • Set Color via API
  • Set Text via API
  • Set Position via API
  • Overwrite Online status via API
  • Set Custom Answer Bot Name
  • Show Email in Agent Workspace for Logged in Users and match to profile
  • Disable Flow Builder via API
  • Allow browsing Guide per category/section
  • Dark Mode

Marketplace Listing

  • Release Notes
  • YouTube Video embeds
  • 1920x1080 screenshots
  • Fixed price app don’t allow for vouchers
  • Allow vouchers for themes
  • List required Zendesk license/features

Unlisted Marketplace Apps

Partners need to regularly update client apps but don’t always have access to the customer environment. Uploading a ZIP is annoying. Why not allow uploading apps to the Zendesk Marketplace infrastructure with(out) review specifically available for one instance.

Apps can be remotely updated without needing API or Admin access.

GitHub Actions

  • Allow pushing a theme update in an instance after deploying to Main on GitHub. 
  • Link Zendesk Private Apps to GitHub repos and allow for remote fetch (or push) of updates.