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Relationship with Premium Plus

I work as CTO for Premium Plus, a Premier Zendesk partner in EMEA. The work I do there is, obviously, also related to Zendesk.
I will not take on or handle Zendesk projects via this website. This project is purely about sharing Zendesk experience and knowledge.

Additionally, none of code on this website has any origin from projects I did for customers, but future projects might benefit from it.

The code in articles and examples used on this website are open source under the MIT license.

Relationship with Zendesk

I am a Zendesk partner and community manager on the Zendesk Community.

However, this website is not sponsored or affiliated with Zendesk and opinions here are my own.

Any information I would get under NDA as a Zendesk partner will always remain under NDA, and any information shared on this website is public information or derived from that information, except if stated otherwise and allowed

Relationship with sponsors and partners

An affiliated or sponsored link or content will be clearly marked as such. Sponsors and partners will never get a say in how or what I say about a product and opinions will be my own.

I have no shares in Zendesk and no ownership in Premium Plus or other partners.


1% of my revenue get shared invested in Climate via Stripe Climate.

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