babelforce – The Voice Partner of Choice for Zendesk (sponsor)

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babelforce – The Voice Partner of Choice for Zendesk (sponsor)

babelforce is the composable voice platform uniting agents and automation. 

At least, that’s what it says in all our sales materials… here’s what it means in practice.

babelforce - The Best Voice Platform for Zendesk
babelforce is the composable voice platform uniting agents and automation. Create the customer experiences you’ve always wanted, with tools anyone can use.

Since 2013 we’ve been focused on making the best, most robust voice platform. And we’ve been building with Zendesk in mind for nearly as long. 

We work hard to add sophisticated, configurable CCaaS features to Zendesk. Our goal is to create an all-in-one CX platform with powerful telephony and workflow automation functionality.  

Basically, we’re all about voice. 

Even more Zendesk power, no distractions

Most businesses that use Zendesk have a major focus on the agent experience. Improve that, and the customer experience improves along with it. 

The abilities that we add are single-minded about that objective. 

We’ve taken the existing Zendesk infrastructure for ticketing and added a ton of automation for incoming calls. That includes automatically:

  • creating tickets for each inbound call
  • associating callers with existing tickets and user profiles
  • adding assets like voicemails directly to tickets
  • assigning next actions to agents

One of the most powerful additions we make to Zendesk is full caller context for agents. As calls are routed, the agent receives a complete overview of who that customer is, and where they are in their relationship with the business. 

Instead of opening with “who am I talking to?”, agents get to say “welcome back!

We’ve also enabled click-to-call dialing with Zendesk. That makes it incredibly easy to quickly follow up on any query that needs more attention. 

Great big automation power, right there in Zendesk 

One of things we’re proudest of is that agent users… don’t really need to know much about babelforce. For them, all the new babelforce functionality is right there in Zendesk; it’s just like Zendesk got an upgrade. They can even sync their availability status in both platforms by defining it Zendesk only.  

But senior and operational users want to roll up their sleeves and get under our platform’s hood. This is where they’ll find our composable workflow builder, enabling them to design and build sophisticated customer journeys without tech skills or devOps. 

The best part is that those customer journeys aren’t only “stuff that happens in babelforce…” our Zendesk integration runs deep, allowing users to define processes and outcomes that actually take place *within* Zendesk.  

That means: 

  • Powerful voice automation, including VoiceBot and smart IVR
  • Fully customizable routing and queueing conditions for true omnichannel
  • €1 million in direct annual savings per 50 agents from full and partial automation

You can learn more about the work babelforce and Zendesk are doing together right here!

CCaaS for Zendesk | babelforce
Deliver outstanding customer service on the phone, without leaving Zendesk. Automate 90% of repetitive tasks and say goodbye to manual ticketing.