SweetHawk - Zendesk apps that give you superpowers! (sponsor)

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SweetHawk - Zendesk apps that give you superpowers! (sponsor)

SweetHawk is a software company that builds exclusively for Zendesk.
At SweetHawk we create apps that embody a simple idea and that work well together to allow customers to create powerful workflows based around Zendesk Support tickets.Our most used apps are ApproveCalendar and Tasks & Subtickets.

SweetHawk apps for Zendesk
Powerful workflow apps that give Zendesk SUPERPOWERS!
  • Approve speaks for itself, it facilitates approvals, where the approvers themselves can be outside of Zendesk.
  • Calendar makes your ticket an event and synchronizes them (2-way) with Google or Office 365.
  • Tasks & Subtickets creates a checklist where tasks can also be linked to tickets and is used as mini project management, note that a project can be anything from onboarding an employee to building a house.

Field Rules

Our most recent project is Field Rules which is a next generation take on a previous app.

The goal is still the same, to give life to ticket forms where you can conditionally hide fields on a form based on values in other fields.While the previous app was easier to get started with – you could simply check field you want hidden and then create exceptions to when you don't want that – this didn't scale well for complex flows.

The new Field Rules approach has a slightly steeper learning curve initially but should be thought of as having live triggers on your ticket form. You specify for which agents the rule applies, the conditions under which it's valid and which fields you want hidden in those circumstances.

The rule based approach also allowed us to do more: fields can also be set to be mandatory, read-only, but best of all, actions can be defined such as applying a macro or setting a specific value on another field.

Zendesk Field Rules App | Zendesk Conditional Fields | SweetHawk apps — SweetHawk apps for Zendesk
The Field Rules app allows you to keep your tickets clean! Not only can you choose which fields to hide but you can add powerful exceptions: Based on the role(s) or group the agent is a member of Based on the value of other fields. Set live field actions to take place allowing for field mapping, au

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