Swifteq - Zendesk apps for faster support & superior self-service (sponsor)

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Swifteq - Zendesk apps for faster support & superior self-service (sponsor)

At Swifteq, we're passionate about empowering customer support teams. That's why we built Zendesk apps that drive efficiency through automation and enhanced self-service. 

This month's articles are sponsored by Swifteq. Powerful workflow apps that give Zendesk superpowers.

Our app suite helps your team achieve more with less across three key areas:

Featured App: Merge Duplicate Tickets

Our Merge Duplicate Tickets app is a game-changer, helping hundreds of support teams automatically merge Zendesk tickets.

Why does this matter?

Happier customers: Customers get a single point of contact and faster issue resolution

Imagine a customer reaching out about a billing error. Instead of a quick fix, they're bounced between agents, forced to re-explain the issue multiple times. This leads to a slow, frustrating, and disjointed experience.

With streamlined processes like automatic ticket merging, customers interact with a single point of contact dedicated to solving their problem. This eliminates confusion and the need for the customer to repeat themselves. They get answers and solutions faster, leading to increased satisfaction and trust.

Improved efficiency: Your team focuses on unique challenges, not duplicated effort

Duplicate tickets clog up agent queues, wasting valuable time on redundant work. Sorting, consolidating, and deciding which ticket to handle leads to delays and frustration for your team. In addition, manual merging of tickets by agents is time-consuming and prone to errors. This bogs down your support team with unnecessary work.

By removing duplicate tickets, agents stop wasting time on repetitive tasks. They can immediately dive into unique problems, delivering more meaningful solutions. This boosts productivity, empowers your team, and frees up resources for proactive, value-added support.

Flexible automation

The Merge Duplicate Tickets app automates the merging process using highly flexible rules and criteria, ensuring that only tickets addressing the same issue are merged.

Setup is simple and intuitive. On the app's configuration page, define what constitutes a duplicate ticket. Consider factors like:

  • Tickets created by the same customer
  • Tickets sharing the same field values (e.g., identical subject lines)
  • Tickets containing unique identifiers (such as phone numbers, order numbers, or other references)

You can also customise the allowable time window between ticket creations for them to be considered duplicates.