Preview of the new Agent Home

Agent Home is a new way for your Zendesk agents to interact with tickets and conversations that focusses on work to be done in a nice overview. Read the article to read my first impressions!

Preview of the new Agent Home

Let's start this article with a quick game: one of these screenshots was taken in 2012. The other was taken today. Can you spot the differences?

When comparing Zendesk 10 years ago and Zendesk today a lot has changed. Even Zendesk two years ago is almost incomparable with the version you use today.

Agent Workspace got a full redesign with a lot less visual clutter and integrated tickets, messaging and context. Similarly, the Admin Center completely reworked the Zendesk admin experience with a reworked structure, search and cleaner settings views. All reporting got moved to Explore, and even the Chat and Web Widget experience got a full make-over.

But there's one spot in Zendesk that's always been a big head-scratcher for me: the Agent Dashboard. It's the first element in the Agent Workspace navigation and it's a place I seldom use. The Dashboard contains a random list of priority sorted tickets, and a list of updates and wraps up with a list of stats.

I've seen customers using this view as their main entry point, and discover that there are dozens, if not hundreds of unattended tickets in their views once they click through. And guessing from quick poll I ran on our internal team slack at the office, I guess I'm not the only one not using this part of the Agent Workspace.