Custom Ticket Status API exploring

Exploring the technical side of Custom Statusses

Custom Ticket Status API exploring

With the release of Custom Statuses Zendesk opened a whole new way of working for agents, made triggers and automations a lot easier to create and turned a static system with six ticket statuses into a dynamic system.

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The migration

First off, from a technical standpoint it’s important to know that Custom Statuses are a subset of your existing statuses.

What we used to call Status is now called a status_category and the new Custom Status is a custom_status

This means that where triggers, views, macros and automations used to have a Status condition in their parameters, that dropdown has now been renamed to Status Category. This happened automatically.

All those settings now also refer to a Custom Status condition. That one contains all new custom statuses. By default custom statuses contain six Zendesk statuses but you can (and should) add your own.

Important: Triggers that used to refer to Status: Open, now refer to Status Category: Open. This category contains ALL open custom statuses so you might want to update those to reflect one specific custom status to prevent unwanted behaviour.