Preview of the new Customisable CSAT EAP for Zendesk

The new Customisable CSAT EAP for Zendesk has arrived, finally allowing you to change your rating scale, choose emoji, numbers or labels, and customize your follow-up questions. This article contains an initial overview of the new feature, and shows how it works with existing API integrations.

Preview of the new Customisable CSAT EAP for Zendesk

At the Closure of every ticket, Zendesk has always offered you the ability to send out a CSAT survey to your customers. This survey allowed customers to give a "Good, I'm satisfied", or "Bad, I'm unsatisfied" rating, accompanied with a comment field, and an optional list of predefined reasons why they're unhappy.

I've seen plenty of Zendesk customers who used placeholders to turn these two options into images, emojis or other designs, like so:

<a href="{{satisfaction.positive_rating_url}}">🥳 I'm happy</a>.
<a href="{{satisfaction.negativee_rating_url}}">😔 I'm sad</a>.

But the real thing most Zendesk users actually wanted was the ability to customize the CSAT feedback. More options, different scales, a different set of reasons,... you name it.

So, this is where the new Customisable CSAT feature comes in. This feature is currently in EAP, and has been made available to most users who subscribed to the EAP today.

Using the customizable CSAT experience (EAP)
Note: The customizable CSAT experience is currently in an early access program (EAP). You can sign up for the EAP here. Customer satisfaction ratings, or CSAT, are a way for your customers to prov…