Zendesk Roundup for February 2023

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Zendesk Roundup for February 2023
These are software hands - Adrian McDermott

The biggest news of this month has to be the announcement of Layout Builder. This new feature, once released will allow you to rebuild the Zendesk interface with modular elements and organise the Agent Workspace to fit your needs.

After adding flexible sidebar apps, resizing the ticket field panel and moving a lot of elements around this last year, Layout Builder will, for the first time, allow you to really move big blocks around. Apps can alway be visibler, you can hide/show ticket fields, or even keep Customer Context and Side Conversations side by side for more context.

Really curious where this is going! Sign-up for the EAP is available here.

This post type is a try-out of a new concept. Not sure how it will evolve in the future, so feedback is welcome!

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🎉 New Releases

February was a quiet month for releases. They announced Google Analytics 4 support, unified the design of the ticket sidebar and allow for redaction in Side Conversations.

What’s new in Zendesk: February 2023
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Upgraded Slack Integration

It slipped under my radar, and our Slack integration at the office broke last week, so take note: Zendesk migrated their Slack setup flow to Admin Panel last fall.

Announcing the updated Slack for Zendesk Support integration
Announced onRollout startsRollout ends November 8, 2022November 8, 2022November 16, 2022 We’re excited to announce the release of significant improvements to the Zendesk Slack integration!…

New Flow Builder steps

Flow Builder keeps getting better one step (sorry..) at a time. After the API flow, and Ask for Details step, we now get some more logic by adding a conditions. I'm working on a full tutorial for March, but take a look at the article below for more info.

Understanding the Branch by condition step in Flow Builder
The Branch by condition step can be configured to evaluate data stored in variables and then determine which branch the conversation should go down based on the condition it meets. In this article,...

Multiple SSO Options

Announcing multiple sign-in methods for team members and end users
Announced onRollout startsRollout ends February 23, 2023February 23, 2023March 2, 2023 We are excited to announce that Zendesk now gives you the flexibility to allow multiple sign-in metho…


Slack Collaboration in Zendesk

Insightful blogpost that shows a nice set of use cases for Slack + Zendesk


Zendesk Customer Service Professional Certificate via LinkedIn

Might be interesting for those following LinkedIn closely. After listening to this episode of Decoder, I'm certainly more interested in the platform than before.

Support Tech Landscape

The 2023 Support Tech Landscape
In this article, we’ll explore some of the solutions that exist for customer support teams in 2023. To avoid any bias and remain as objective as possible, we asked Support leaders NOT affiliated with Zingtree - not current customers - to write the article.


Backblaze is an awesome backup tool for your Mac or PC. On their blog they shared a fun little detail: the entire support branch runs of Zendesk, offering both chat and email support via Zendesk. (I wonder if they’ll ever implement the Zendesk SDK in their mobile app?)

The Support team uses Zendesk, a customer service management application, to handle their workload. When a customer submits a ticket, it gets distributed to the next available Support Technician. Same with chat—as users reach out, they get routed to whoever is available for a response. What this means is that new challenges flow into each of the Tech’s queues all day long. They address the issues as they arrive and work to close out each one in turn.
How to Solve 500,000 Problems: Ask the Backblaze Support Team
At Backblaze, we’re exceedingly proud of our on-site, US-based Support team. With a staff of just 14, they quietly solve thousands of problems on a weekly basis, all while keeping things impressively fun. So we wanted to take a moment to offer a little “support” to Support.

⚠ Major Changes

Social Messaging add-on

If you're still using the old Social Messaging add-on, you should move to Messaging asap. (Though luck for non-Suite users, they lose access to socials all together it seems..)

Removal of the Zendesk Social Messaging App
Announced on Removal November 16, 2021 (Suite and Support + Chat customers) Jun 22, 2022 (All customers except Sunshine Conversations integration users) April 15, 2023 Zendesk is…

Flow Builder Authentication

If you use Authentication in Flow Builder to make API calls, take note, the authentication credentials moved to their own spot in the Admin Panel. Rumour has it that Webhooks will also use this in the future, so you might want to explore these feature already to prepare.

Announcement: Migrating authentication information for Make API call step
Zendesk is making some changes in Flow Builder to improve your account security and bot experience.With the first release of the Make API call step in Flow Builder, admins had to manually enter au…

🎥 Videos

And finally...

Nice demo from Ultimate on how they can leverage ML to automate ticket categorisation and tagging. Zendesk launched a similar flow for Retail in a private beta last year, but Ultimate offers similar capabilities for any type of company or industry.

Ultimate on LinkedIn: Want to tag tickets automatically? There’s a bot for that. Want to…
Want to tag tickets automatically? There’s a bot for that. Want to prioritize tickets automatically? There’s a bot for that. Want to extract valuable data…
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