Handling multiple support addresses in a support email

This article offers a solution for scenarios where customers email multiple support addresses in your Zendesk instance and you only see a single ticket being created.

Handling multiple support addresses in a support email

You might recognize this scenario: a customer contacts your support team and adds support@company.com, sales@company.com and finance@company.com all in cc on the same email.

This email arrives in Zendesk and only one tickets gets created, and the fact that two other support addresses were part of the same email is invisible for your agents.

Only the first support email address shows up
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How to fix this

One easy way to find out if an email has been send to multiple support addresses, is by opening a ticket and going to the View Original Email option. This however is not the most discoverable way, and you need to be actively looking for such emails.

A better solution

A better method would be to somehow detect multiple support addresses in cc, and then clone the ticket for each of these addresses. That would create duplicate emails, but each email would be routed and handled as it if were emailed solely to that specific support address and assigned to the correct group.

The confusion that may come from those duplicated tickets is solved by those tickets showing up in the customers' Interaction history in the context panel, or would be picked up by the Merge suggestions of Zendesk Advanced AI.