Restarting a Zendesk Messaging Conversation

This tutorial shows you how to build an Answer flow for Zendesk Messaging that allows visitors to restart the conversation.

Restarting a Zendesk Messaging Conversation

At the end of the Answer Linking for Zendesk Bot article I quickly mentioned it's now possible to restart a conversation in the Messaging Widget. I didn't really go into details, so enjoy this short bonus article that explains you how!

Answer Linking for the Zendesk Bot
As a first big release for the Zendesk Bot this year, Zendesk is introducing Answer Linking, which can turn answers into reusable blocks!

How to restart a conversation

With the new Answer Linking you can link back to the beginning of the conversation. So if we create a custom Answer that only applies this step, we can restart the conversation for our customers.

Setting it up requires only a few short steps:

  1. Create a new Answer for your bot, called Restart Conversation
  2. Give it a few training phrases like "Reset", "Restart Conversation", "Back to the beginning"
  3. The Bot flow exists out of one step: a "Link Answer" step that links back to the start of the conversation.

Once you set it up, whenever a customer interacts with your bot and indicates they want to restart the conversation, the conversation will restart with your welcome message.


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