Managing Storage Limits in Zendesk

This article gives insights in how to manage your data usage limits in Zendesk, how to bulk delete specific tickets and how to remove attachments to keep your data usage under the allowed limits and reduce the risk of paying more!

Managing Storage Limits in Zendesk

Zendesk is a SAAS product, meaning you buy a license of the product and they provide you with hosting, storage, software, security and all other elements you expect of a good software application.

When looking at SAAS offerings we can broadly put them in three buckets:

  • Seat based licensing, where you pay per active user of the tool. Zendesk falls under this bucket with its Agent based licensing. You per pay active agent in your environment
  • Usage based licensing, where you pay on how much you use the product. Mailchimp is such a tool, where you pay for the amount of recipients in your email list. Sunshine Conversation is another, where you pay per active monthly user.
  • Storage based licensing, where you pay for the amount of storage used. Think Amazon S3, Google Drive or other solutions.

Most SAAS tools offer a combination of these. For example, in Google Workspace, each user license comes with a set amount of storage, but you can buy additional storage if you need more.

Zendesk has always been Seat Based and didn't really have limits imposed. A ten agent environment could serve 100, 1000 or a million end-users and your bill would be the same regardless.

But this has now changed. Announced at the end of November, Zendesk will now enforce a more strict storage usage on its platform, and will bill customers with an overage upon their next renewal.