➕How to build a VIP Alert app in Zendesk from scratch

This article contains a full tutorial on how to build a small Zendesk Support app that alerts your agents whenever they're looking at a VIP ticket.

➕How to build a VIP Alert app in Zendesk from scratch

This article was inspired by a Community Post where a Zendesk customer asked about the best way to alert agents when a ticket requester is a VIP user.

People suggested tweaking the organisation name with an alert (🚨🚨🚨 Acme.Inc), change the subject to start with the word VIP via a trigger, dedicated views,.. there were many suggested solutions.

Identifying a VIP Organization On The Ticket
We have a need that I can’t imagine is unique to us: We need our agents to be able to quickly identify that an incoming ticket is from a VIP customer. Tagging the VIP orgnizations is an easy thing…

My suggestion was to leverage SLA by giving VIP users a higher priority or use the new Essentials Card ti highlight the VIP tag. A more advanced solution was building a dedicated app in Zendesk for this:

... and finally I would write a simple Zendesk app that looks at the current user and if they contain the tag VIP we show a popup top right.

I wrote a quick version of the app, available here as a private app. You can find the latest version in the TMP folder.

My comment linked directly to the app, this article will explain how to build it.

You can download the application via this GitHub repository, or you can keep reading and build your own! (I would live to publish these apps directly on the marketplace as free apps, but my current employer contract limits this for understandable reasons)

GitHub - verschoren/vip_alerts
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