Preview of the new Generative AI for the Zendesk Help Center

This article previews the new Generative AI for Help Center content that's been made available in EAP by Zendesk.

Preview of the new Generative AI for the Zendesk Help Center

Zendesk's AI Drop Event last month included tons of new Zendesk AI features. Their new Generative AI Bot got all the attention and headlines, but in parallel they also announced their new Generative AI for Help Center content.

This new feature allows Content Managers to write short summaries of articles, and use Generative AI to expand the summary or bullet points into long-form support articles. It's powered by OpenAI, and positioned as a way to create content faster and more efficient by having your writers focus on the essence of an article, and have AI worry about turning it into an actual article.

Using generative AI to expand help center content (EAP)
What’s my plan? Note: The text expansion feature is currently available in an early access program (EAP). You can sign up for the EAP here. The AI-powered text expansion feature helps you to quic…
I was planning on writing about today's Zendesk What's New, but in the end it wouldn't be a very useful article.

Although the presentation was packed with announcements, almost all of them were already known or released in the last few months: Layout Builder, Agent Home, Omnichannel Routing, Generative AI Bot, Custom Objects and most of the stuff covered at the AI Drop Event.

The few items that were actually new, like the 360 Employee View app, will be covered in the Zendesk Roundup later this month.

Let's put it to the test