➕ Your new Zendesk super power: Internal Webhooks

Zendesk offers robust triggers and automations to modify tickets. For complex tasks like copying field data, Zendesk's Webhooks can execute API calls for advanced modifications. This article explains how to utilize these tools.

➕ Your new Zendesk super power:  Internal Webhooks

Zendesk has a myriad features you can use to create powerful automations and flows for your tickets without resorting to external scripts or tools like Zapier, server-less functions or other tools.

The most basic of those are Triggers and Automations which allow you to update tickets based on changes or time. You can for example set a ticket to open if it's been on pending for more than 3 days, you can increase the priority of all tickets that contain the word Fire 🔥 or open a ticket when its due. These are all pretty basic examples of how you can leverage those two business rule types to change ticket data.

But sometimes you want to do more complex changes. You want to copy data from one ticket field to another, want to use data from a users' organisation to update data in their tickets or similar flows.

For these more complex scenario's we can leverage Webhooks in Zendesk to have Zendesk itself execute API calls on itself to make changes to your tickets. 

This article will give you some examples on what can be accomplishes by leveraging Zendesk Webhooks and the Zendesk API.